December 2020 Mindfulness Meditation session for corporate training

we were given a Mindfulness meditation session during an in-house off-site meeting.

By including the meditation session during the all-day meeting, the participants were able to refresh their mind and body, and I think they were able to concentrate more at the next meeting.

It was well customized to fit in the time frame we requested, and I found it effective and fulfilling for our off-site meeting.

April-September 2020 Life Coaching 6-month Full Course

Up until now, I haven’t been confident in myself and have lived by paying attention only to what people think. Being hated by people was something I was extremely afraid of so that I would be hurt. Because I didn’t want to be hurt, and I wanted to be liked by everyone, so I was leading my life on the axis of others.

As I received Rie-san’s session and learned about various ways of working on understanding myself, what I like and dislike, with my sensations sleeping inside were awakened, I gradually became able to understand myself. And it became clearer in the sense of my real liking and passions.

I also realized that I had been blaming myself until now.
After many sessions, I became able to catch the voice of my heart, which was difficult at first. However as my inner judgement to myself gradually goes away, I slowly became able to treat myself gentler and could recognize that any aspects of myself are all part of me, even if it is sometimes “not good”.

Learning to spend time with gratitude for everything, create a life with full of “what I like”, and indulge myself in those “likes”, I could get the blocks off from the mind and feel like having returned to your “original me”.
This experience brought back the feelings such as “I liked this !” with some nostalgy and rediscovery about myself. I realized that “the answer is all in me.”

The world I see has changed since I started living on my own axis.
I find more happy moments in daily life now.
Above all, I am glad that I can express myself freely now, freed from the fear that I do not want to be disliked by others. I hear myself say, “If people who can understand me will understand me, it will be enough.”

I look forward to enjoying my life from now on!

May 2020 Mindfulness and yoga 1 hour session

I’ve heard that mindfulness meditation is very good, but I’d never been able to do it properly because whenever I tried to do it before going to bed, I always fell asleep.
I think I was able to concentrate relatively well this time with Rie-san.

It seems that the time we did was about 15 minutes, but it felt quicker.
The last phrase of words I heard during the meditation, “May I, the people around me, and everyone in the world be happy and peaceful,” resonated in my heart more than ever.

It may take some time still, but believing that calm days will come, I thought we should do what we can now and enjoy it!

I tend to live a “mindless” life full of multitasking, such as eating while watching TV or doing household chores while watching videos on my smartphone, etc. So I hope I can incorporate meditation into my life little by little to have the moments being mindful.