Communication coaching that fosters individuality and oneness that connects you to the world from your own center

Communication skills are the abilities required for the two actions of 1. expressing yourself x 2. understanding the other person and returning a response. And in either case, the quality of communication is determined by the transmission and reception that are firmly connected to your inner self. It’s based on your thoughts, passions, feelings, values, etc., so it’s important that you first develop the soil to connect with the outside world.

What do you like and dislike?
What are you looking for and what you don’t want?
Being passionate, being impressed in your life, what triggered a change in your thinking, interesting people you met, miracles and surprises you experienced, and what else you think and feel in your daily life.

First of all, let’s confirm your thoughts.
Great communication doors open when your thoughts and consciousness are verbalized.

In the coming era, communication that connects with individuality will become the mainstream. To improve your communication skills means that you can connect with the people you meet and get involved in your life while expressing your individuality.

Whether it’s business, private, long-term or short-term relationships, and regardless of who you are, you can be a stable and comfortable person.

If you improve your communication skills and can truly enjoy and cherish encounters and relationships with people, it will lead to a version upgrade of your life. This is because it is said that one of the major factors that influence a person’s happiness and satisfaction with life is human relations.

While incorporating the idea and ideal of mindfulness, I would like you to think about communication from a different angle and from a global perspective with an eye on the future, and gain a lot of awareness for yourself.

Coaching Content


Mindful communication

It has been reported that one of the effects that can be felt to deepen mindfulness is to improve communication. Incorporating mindfulness into communication also creates a synergistic effect with mindfulness, in which you can truly enjoy and enjoy communication with the person in front of you.

  1. You will experience the typical patterns of communication in role-playing, and you will be aware of which patterns you apply to and which ones do not apply to you.
  2. We will practice and deepen our understanding of what mindful communication is like in our daily lives.
  3. While practicing mindful communication, let’s look back on the changing way of human relations and firmly clarify how we want to communicate and what kind of human relations we want to build.
Express yourself

Can you express yourself? !! It can be any small place. Having a place to express yourself enhances our self-affirmation and gives us a sense of security by feeling connected with others. A free mind to express and transmit while paying close attention to the psychological fear (being concerned about the eyes of others and being caught up in the results), which is a barrier when expressing. Let’s cultivate the ability to act together.

  1. Let’s love ourselves. To do so, you need to know how to face and connect with yourself.
  2. Have the tools to express you. It can be verbal, physical, music, whatever, if you love it and it fits you! Instead of seeking evaluation and reaction from others, we feel the joy of sharing the important things inside ourselves. You will love yourself more and more because you have the courage to take action.
  3. You will be free to enjoy yourself free from “what do you think of others?” That process makes you the most attractive and the only one in the world.

Become able to use English

Do you communicate that requires you to use English? Or do you feel the need? The reason why I dare to learn English as a menu of this coaching course is that learning a foreign language opens the door to my own undeveloped road, which instantly connects to the “world”. is! By expanding the field of communication to the world, the doors of various possibilities will open one after another, and why not experience and enjoy the encounters and growth that come from them?

  1. Let’s lower the psychological hurdles for English and make the tools for connecting with people all over the world familiar.
  2. Introducing a learning method that does not require anything special and allows you to learn English while coming into contact with English every day as if you were studying abroad in Japan. Learning a language opens the door to the world. First of all, you will realize it from the point of having that awareness.
  3. Let’s increase the things you want to do and the places you want to go in English. That is the driving force for continuing endless language learning at your own pace.
Have a sense of oneness that connects with the world

Now, I feel that oneness = the consciousness that we are all connected is becoming very important. This is because it leads to the consciousness of making full use of your existence in this world without having to think about or aim for world peace. We cannot live alone. And no one is alone. If you’re trapped in a narrow world somewhere, be free from it and connect with the outside world. I think that is the true meaning of utilizing communication skills.

  1. Develop an eye to see the essence beyond external differences such as borders, culture, race and religion. You will be aware of the consciousness that is necessary for that purpose, and the various prejudices and beliefs (ideas) that are inside you.
  2. Let’s first “know” the basics of world history and human history. By having a bird’s-eye view of where we are coming from and where we are now, we can jump out from a narrow perspective that makes decisions based solely on “self and the things around us.” I can.
  3. Learn about the idea of ​​”oneness”. Connect with the world through meditation and prayer, and with your imagination. What is the world you dream of?

Recommended for people like this

  • I’m worried about relationships or feeling lonely.
  • I don’t like myself. I feel scared of others.
  • I have a desire to express myself, but I haven’t been able to take action.
  • I want to be liked by people. I want to build happy relationships and relationships.
  • I want to be able to speak English. I want to interact with overseas friends.
  • I’m exhausted and exhausted to deal with the reality in front of me. I want to live from a broader perspective.

What to aim for with this coaching

  • Communicating with people will be fun and happy.
  • You will be able to behave and communicate like you at any time, and as a result, it will be easier for people to like you.
  • You will be able to build equal and comfortable relationships.
  • You will be able to feel that you are okay with yourself plus (+) and that you are connected to many people.
  • The fear of connecting with an unspecified number of people disappears, and at the same time it becomes clear what is most important and who it is.
  • By communicating the right self, you will be able to connect with people correctly (do not attract unwanted relationships).
  • By improving your communication skills, you will feel more comfortable in your work and life, and your happiness in life will increase.

Price and Schedule

The full course is from 1 to 4, and the period is expected to be half a year.
You will receive 12 sessions in half a year (twice a month).

It is also possible to take each of the themes 1 to 4 independently.
In that case, you will have to take 2 to 4 sessions for each content for about 2 months.
The number of sessions you can attend can be adjusted according to your wishes.

1 session: 90 minutes, 15,000 yen
For full-course meals: 12 sessions, 150,000 yen, 6 months deadline

First of all, we will conduct a hearing, so please contact us.

* Currently, we are accepting applications for coaching sessions at half the above price until the end of June 2021. Please apply from the “Inquiry” page.

<Please refrain from attending if any of the following apply>
Those who have been diagnosed and treated by a doctor, such as depression and other mental illnesses.
ー Those who need healing and counseling, such as difficulty in living and strong self-denial.
ー Those who should prioritize solving problems they are working on in the past or present rather than having the feeling of moving forward.

* Coaching promotes one’s independence and independence, and engages in future-oriented dialogue based on the desire and will to move forward. If you decide that you are not ready to look into the future, we may recommend counseling or healing instead of coaching (not available here).