Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching @ Rie YOGA Plus that approaches the power of will, mind, body, subconsciousness

What we need to fulfill our dreams and live ourselves are divided into three themes: 1. Maintenance of mind and body, 2. Subconsciousness and intuition, and 3. Thoughts and Intention alignments. By understanding these things, which are the basis for living happily in your own way and are necessary before taking action, we support you to understand the true meaning of the state of harmony and comfort (= health). Having trust in what you already are given inside, we will help you to make your dreams come true by making the most of your true personality.

In the coming era, individuality + connection with the whole (oneness) will be an important factor to enrich life. We have entered the new era where people will be connected with the same thoughts and directions, regardless of nationality, race, place to live, organization to belong, position or title. In your own way but connecting with others, you can realize your dreams together and live happily.

While incorporating the idea of mindfulness, I would like you to have learning about communication from a different angle including the global perspective with an eye on the future. You will gain a lot of awareness for yourself.

We offer courses to deepen mindfulness with meditation and yoga mainly to companies and groups. The content can be customized according to your needs, so please contact us.

This session is a one-time application session, which you can take as many times as you like.
The theme can be freely decided by yourself – The recommended are, “A way of life that is just for you” “Change your life to live more healthily and happily,” “Maintain your mind and body in good condition,” and “Comfortable relationships and communication.”
This session can be considered as your trial of our coaching courses too.