Concept and Mission of Rie YOGA Plus


If you ask what can be changed by continuing yoga, we will answer that you should gain the consciousness and body to live your true self.

When you have a daily practice of facing and adjusting your mind and body, you will be able to believe in what you are already given.

Health is a state that your mind and body are comfortable and you are well connected with your true self.

And, of course, because the body becomes healthy, the mind will be awaken, but what we suggest is changing consciousness and your mindset, which will naturally lead you to live your true self, so that the mind and body both naturally become healthy.

We think that health is naturally obtained by living happily being yourself, and should not be the purpose.

YOGA Plus means the awareness that we gain facing ourselves, typically through yoga, and we want to share with you the wisdom and learning to live our true self.

No matter if you do yoga or not, or if the means of getting healthy is yoga or something else, we would like to share the essence of living healthily.

Bringing all the learning from mindfulness which advocates the way of consciousness and taste at this moment, and also from other fields, we will help you to regain your original self and live comfortably and happily.


When people change, the following elements are needed.

1. Maintaining good physical and mental condition and high energy
2. Accept and love yourself
3. Being connected to your true self (your center)
4. Have a positive mindset to move forward
5. Take action

“Want to know, learn, go & see !! “
Our mind and body are there to experience all those things you want.
We think the learning process will last a lifetime and should be enjoyed.
In addition to yoga teachings that work on the mind and body, our support includes some methods from psychology, success philosophy, meditation and healing studies.
We will help you to make your dreams come true.