Mindfulness and Meditation / Yoga

Mindfulness is a state of being conscious of what you are experiencing at this moment. It can be felt as a physical sensation, or it can be a state of consciousness through emotions and thoughts.

Sometimes you’re aware of the various things you’re doing in your current work or movement, and sometimes you’re just staring at the sensations that spring up when you’re there (state of meditation).

In any case, the state of mindfulness is the state of focusing on the inner senses including the body, consciousness, emotions, and thoughts, which leads to the way of “Tasting this moment now”– this is what I believe.

And this way of “tasting the moment” improves the quality of time spent, raises happiness, and affects the way of facing and living the whole life.

Deepening the way of mindfulness awakens the inner senses, regains all the abilities and possibilities that you originally have, and helps you head for your own way of living according to your intuition and voice from the inside.

We offer courses to deepen mindfulness combining meditation and yoga.

The content can be customized according to your needs, so please contact us.


A 20-minute body scan meditation, a meditation method developed by mindfulness advocates, will be accompanied by explanations and lectures on mindfulness. Body scan meditation is often used in clinical practice and its effectiveness has been proven on various researches. It is a very effective meditation method that fosters an objective view of your body, a feeling from the inside, and a feeling of compassion for your body and yourself.


It is also possible to combine yoga with the above content. Mindful yoga does not focus on the perfection or effects of postures, but on the inner sensations of the body while doing yoga. It is less active than regular yoga and is done at a slower pace.


One of the effects of deepening mindfulness is improvement of communication skills. You will improve your ability to be close to your senses and honestly convey what you are feeling and thinking. At the same time, you will be able to accept what the other person is trying to convey without judging or assuming.

As a result, you will improve the quality of communication and will be able to select and build comfortable relationships that are honest with yourself and respectful of others.

Along with explaining the basic concept of mindfulness and practicing meditation, you will deepen your understanding through role-playing.

Please contact us as it can be customized for companies, groups and individuals.

Session Price


The above program is mainly offered for companies and organizations.
Both face-to-face and online are possible (in the case of face-to-face, it should be within the Kanto area).
Sessions in English are also available.
We will make an estimate depending on the number of people and the content, so please contact us.

Price: 12,000 yen / hour (up to 10 people)

*For the 11th person and beyond, an additional charge of 1,000 yen / hour will be charged per person.
*In addition to the above, transportation expenses will be added in the case of face-to-face style meeting. Please secure and prepare the venue on your end.

If you would like to apply individually, please check out the contents on Street Academy, or contact us individually.