Coaching that makes your dreams come true by “Enjoying everything that happens in life”

Coaching is a method of consultation that releases the subconscious mind through future-oriented communication. We will hold sessions centered on dialogue in order to promote awareness, change, and growth by the client himself.

What is the biggest driving force when people change?

It goes without saying that it is the will of the person who wants to change, but the reason for thinking so is the change in consciousness, which is very important.

It is said that more than 60% of our behavior is dominated by habits, which are imprinted in the subconscious and repetitive, beliefs and ideas.

It is not easy to change the behavioral patterns that have become this habit and the beliefs and ideas that exist there. It is said that it is influenced by the environment in which it was born and raised, the people who spent a long time together in childhood, and the way of thinking that they learned and strongly believed in.

However, our consciousness can change drastically due to something. There are various reasons for this, but the biggest one is probably the encounter with people.

In this coaching, I will tell you about the various encounters I have had, the experiences that have actually changed me, and all the knowledge I have learned about psychology, healing, success philosophy, etc. in your life. I would like to help you make a difference.

When you decide to harness your personality and talents for society and the world, a big change in your consciousness is about to take place. Then you need to choose a path that is so natural, comfortable and happy for you that you can enjoy it no matter how difficult it may be.

In order to effectively reflect changes in consciousness in behavior, it is necessary to set some conditions (changes in life and behavior) and continuously stimulate the subconscious mind (dialogue with oneself, notice, and let go). is.

And acquire the attitude to enjoy everything. When you can do this, you will be able to think that all your experiences are for your own growth, and you will be able to truly accept and appreciate your life.

Then there will be nothing scary in life!

Let’s enjoy the process of change together and make your dreams come true invincibly.

Coaching content

5 Steps to Change Yourself-Prologue

We will deepen our awareness of the five essences that are needed when people change and when they want to change their way of life to something more personal and comfortable.

  1. Let’s start from this moment now. Feel what you feel now. We will start with the ideal way of mindfulness.
  2. Heal and accept yourself thoroughly.
  3. What do you want now? Build the best relationship with yourself.
  4. Make changes in everyday small things.
  5. Let go and new determination. Get acquainted with negative emotions and learn how to let go. Get access to places where your passion springs.
Maintenance of mind and body to take good care of yourself

In order to have a dream and take action for that purpose, it is necessary to have a solid sense of trust and security in yourself, which is the foundation of that dream. Only when you can set foot on the ground (grounding) and accept yourself as you are here will you have the power to make your dreams come true.

The first thing you need to do to lay the foundation is to heal and love yourself thoroughly.

  1. Let’s know about energy. How to raise and calm it. About good maintenance.
  2. Make your daily habits comfortable. Make meditation a habit.
  3. Get to know your emotions, thoughts, soul and subconscious and be able to handle them well.
  4. You will be able to connect with your inner self and hear your intuition and soul voice.
  5. Relax and relieve. If you feel that way, you’re not afraid of anything.
Know your true desire

To make the most of yourself, you need to know yourself. Rediscover yourself as free as possible, with as few assumptions and unnecessary restrictions as possible.

To live truly comfortably and passionately, you need to know what you really want and how to please yourself.

  1. Know you The thing I like is? What do you dislike or want to stop?
  2. Let’s find out what we love. Access the exciting fountain of passion.
  3. Learn how to deal with feelings of fear and self-denial, and maintain yourself as light and clear as possible.
  4. Look at your weaknesses and weaknesses. Maybe there are new discoveries from there? !!
  5. Thank you for accepting all experiences. Experience the invincible “enjoy” mindset.
Take action to make your dreams come true

Let’s take action! You will be aware of the ideas you need to make your dreams come true and what you need to do when you take action. This content is intended for those who can understand and practice what is said in 1-3 of Rie Yoga Plus coaching above.

  1. All you need to do to take the first step: “believe in yourself”, that’s it.
  2. Let’s acquire the mind to enjoy the process rather than the result! Then the result will be great!
  3. Is it possible to maintain a good mood constantly? It depends on. Any time. Strengthen your mental health.
  4. Decide → act → receive & enjoy what you get from that experience. It can be quite difficult, but you can learn it by repeating it many times.
  5. Something should be very different from when you were just blindly taking action. Notice the difference. You don’t have to be desperate or thrown away. Make sure you have what’s inside you and finish coaching.

Recommended for people like this

  • I don’t feel passionate about life. I feel that various things are boring these days.
  • Even if I want to do something, I don’t have the courage to do it. Anxiety cannot act in advance.
  • Often tired. Thinking itself is stressful and I don’t know what to change.
  • I want to enjoy my life more and live my own way.
  • There are things I’ve always wanted to do and things I’m curious about, but I can’t act.
  • I’ve had a hard time lately, or I’m not interested in what I’ve been doing all the time. I feel that something needs to be changed.

What to aim for with this coaching

  • You will be able to experience feeling yourself and believing in that feeling. You will feel a quiet passion inside.
  • You will be able to live in a natural way like you, without having to worry about people’s evaluations and restraining yourself.
  • Your physical and mental health will improve. It makes me really want to do various things.
  • It will improve your affection and relationships with people close to you and make you feel comfortable.
  • Relieves fear and anxiety about work and money. Changes in values ​​
  • You will be able to enjoy living with your whole body. You will be able to appreciate even the trials given.

Pricing and Schedule

The full course is from 1 to 4, and the period is expected to be half a year.
You will receive 12 sessions in half a year (twice a month).

It is also possible to take each of the themes 1 to 4 independently.
In that case, you will have to take 2 to 4 sessions for each content for about 2 months.
The number of sessions you can attend can be adjusted according to your wishes.

1 session: 90 minutes, 15,000 yen
For full-course meals: 12 sessions, 150,000 yen, 6 months deadline

First of all, we will conduct a hearing, so please contact us.

* Currently, we are accepting applications for coaching sessions at half the above price until the end of June 2021. Please apply from the “Inquiry” page.

<Please refrain from attending if any of the following apply>
ー Those who have been diagnosed and treated by a doctor, such as depression and other mental illnesses.
ー Those who need healing and counseling, such as difficulty in living and strong self-denial.
ー Those who should prioritize solving problems they are working on in the past or present rather than having the feeling of moving forward.

* Coaching promotes one’s independence and independence, and engages in future-oriented dialogue based on the desire and will to move forward. If you decide that you are not ready to look into the future, we may recommend counseling or healing instead of coaching (not available here).